About Me & this Program’s Origins

Snapchat-1707442168 Cropped My name is Derek Antrican and I hope you like this program that I wrote. I originally wrote it in college because my school allowed me to download my class schedule as an ics file. As an avid user of Google Calendar, this was great! The only problem was that the event names were the course number (e.g. “EGME 1023”) and the description was the course name (e.g. “Statics”). At a glance of my calendar, seeing “EGME 1023 at 11am” doesn’t mean anything to me. So I made a simple program in Google Apps Script to swap those two properties. Soon I realized that there were a myriad of other properties my program could work with too (and that other people might benefit from this). So I spent the majority of my free time in my senior year of college putting together version 1.0. Eventually Lifehacker posted about it and it picked up steam!

Since then, I have become a Software Developer as a full-time career and rewrote the program in C# and using the full Google Calendar API. This is the version that is the most up-to-date today!

If you would like to see my personal website and learn more about me, that’s at